All-Around Visual Creative. Bay Area born, NYC based. GQ credits, Saint Levant and Henry Morris, JEV, are all regular collaborators with over 100+ million streams. 
Throughout my experience, I was fortunate enough to engage my creative techniques in different lanes – from social media to the always-changing world of advertising. Naturally fitting into advertising campaigns by introducing certain creativity into them. Thus, my portfolio is a result of the variety of projects done and opportunities encountered. My experience is entrenched in my childhood, as my mom was a multi-medium artist. I have also used my skillset to help boost the socials for the film and project "Takeover" starring Quavo from Migos. Creating long and short form content. 
 Besides sitting in front of the screen making things I also really like movies, tv shows, sports, and video games. I enjoy cooking for myself and my friends and I like going outside, idk I just like it. Okay thats enough, bye!                                              
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